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Suffern NY DWI Attorney

 As a former State Trooper with over 20 plus years of investigative experience with DWI’s, Misdemeanors, and Felonies, I use my insight and experience in developing cases to examine your charge from a dual perspective: 1) from the lens of a former Investigator and police officer who previously cultivated and developed cases and, 2) using my training and experience as an admitted attorney for over 16 years and criminal defense practitioner to dissect the case against you.

As a former Certified Breathalyzer Operator who has personally made or participated in over one hundred DWI arrests, I use this insight and experience to help navigate your case to a successful conclusion. Not many criminal defense attorneys were State Police and only a fraction were Certified Breathalyzer Operators who have actually made DWI arrests. This is insight and experience that is almost unique among the criminal defense bar.

As a former narcotics unit supervisor, I know that more often there are facts that occurred at the scene and during the course of a case that are beneficial, indeed helpful, to the defense. Almost instinctively such facts are NOT included into the somewhat sanitized and prosecution-weighted- or leaning police reports. Former prosecutors turned defense counsel often examine the case starting with the details provided in the police report.

From my background working the streets as an officer and supervising seasoned Investigators, I know from experience there is often much more that occurred — some helpful to your case and defense — than the police report reflects. That omitted information can be extremely beneficial to YOUR defense.