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Reviews From AVVO

“Randall Inniss brings over a decade of experience handling DWI’s, DWAI’s, controlled substance charges and all manner of criminal defense matters. Mr. Inniss is a dedicated and experienced practitioner. He engages in meaningful client contact, assessing every facet of each and every case in order to provide you the best defense you can retain in Orange County. I highly recommend Randall for not only DWI offenses but any criminal matter. His integrity and professionalism are impeccable.” – Andrea G.

“Simple way to put it, Excellent. Very informative and knows what he is talking about. Easy to deal with and very helpful. Very polite man and knows how to get the job done. He will help you with any questions and supplies you with the best service. I appreciate the help I have received from this man. Highly recommend!” – Zouheir

“Mr.Inniss explained everything for me, walking me through the process of what I was facing DWI with jail time and bringing it down to DUAI no jail time. Anytime I needed his assistance he was no more than a phone call or text away. I felt like I was in great hands and I was. Thank you Mr. Inniss” – Michelle

“I do not live in NY but was here for the weekend and I received my first ever DUI. I looked up lawyers in the area and Mr. Inniss came up in the search. I called him for advice and he explained thoroughly what I will need to do. He was excellent with providing information handy at all times for you to understand and he was able to negotiate with prosecutors about my plea and sentence. I am very happy about the outcome and I am grateful too Mr. Inniss for all his guidance in this serious matter.”– Sacha

“Had a question regarding DWI. Gave great, thoughtful responses that were easy to comprehend. Very easy to talk to and seems to genuinely care about his clients. Would 100 percent recommend to anyone seeking legal advice.”– Ari

“In court after reviewing papers; The judge looked at Mr. Inniss. Then looks at the DA. Then looks at me and says “You have a great Attorney”.
My response “Yes your honor”. Aggravated DWI To DWI To DWAI in a years time. He saved my life!!!!! CALL THE XTROOPER!!!! Frank”– Frank

“I was in the dark about my situation and mr. Randall helped me to the fullest I appreciate his help. Great lawyer great advice”– Ayrton

“I received a dwai in Ny and didn’t know where to start since I’m out of state. I found Mr Inniss through a local ny search and I am glad I did. I was treated with utmost respect regardless of my charges. He listened to everything I said and proceeded accordingly. Mr Inniss explained everything in detail and in the end, won my case. I HIGHLY recommend The Inniss firm ! This attorney knows what he is doing and I would without a doubt recommend him to anyone. Compassion and understanding is everything I received from his services and after meeting him I realized how wonderful of a guy he is. I am so appreciative of his services and the outcome and again, would recommend him to anyone !”– Deanna A.

“I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Randall today on a very complicated circumstance of mine. Randall took a good amount of time ion educating me on all of my options and the best way to move forward. I paid previous attorneys a great fee for the time Randall spent with me for complete misinformation. Randall was extremely generous with his consultation and highly knowledgeable more then any other attorney I spoke with previously. I will heed his advice and I appreciate his honesty and candor. If I ever need an attorney or know anyone who needs an attorney ; he’s the guy to go to. He is worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Randall!!!!”– Meg

“Very knowledgeable man . Very helpful and informative . Stayed on the phone for a free consultation for 40 minutes explaining everything I needed to know about my case . Very polite and proper .”– Mike

“Mr. Inniss was more than qualified with his 20+ years as a former state trooper and legal advisor in the NBA. His knowledge was able to reduce my DWAI to a traffic ticket due to spotting out the arresting officer’s mistakes. He is a dedicated lawyer who is fully there to help you with your case. I highly reccomend him to anyone needing legal help”– Thomas

“Thank you for your help and support. I’m very thankful for your advice. You took your time and showed patience with answering my questions. You helped me understand my case and for that I am so thankful to you.”– Sheri

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Reviews From Google

“Very information and thorough. Highly recommended for everybody, helped me get all questions I had answered without any doubts. The man knows his stuff. 5 stars for sure!”– Tha D.

“If you want an attorney who is knowledgeable, professional with years of experience with tickets, DWI etc. Look no further!!! He is well spoken, detailed and responds to clients in a timely manner. In addition, he is patient and a good listener.”– Kerri R.

“I chose to call Randall F. Inniss because of the Google reviews. Just from our conversation I knew the reviews were credible. It’s awesome that he even takes time out to respond to each review!
I am so grateful for the time he spent to talk with me, which was well over the time he had available. Although he had a limited amount of time to talk, he patiently listened to my concerns and then explained different analogies to help me to better understand my situation and what decisions to make. Thank you again for your help Randall!!!”– Tina D.

“Most people looking for an attorney can only hope for a response as thorough and responsive as Mr. Inniss was. His former career didn’t make him jaded, but opposite. He listened, directed, and gave an enormous amount of information helping me make decisions for my incarcerated loved one. I gave him five stars, he didn’t give me a hurried response and that’s the level of service I left the call with.”– Dina T.

“I would give him 10 stars if I could. Mr Inniss is a very personal, kind and caring person, he was quick to respond to me in the beginning and we had a very pleasant conversation ( for at least an hour) about what had happened and about myself. He made me feel like a person and not a criminal. He is VERY knowledgeable about DWI cases and very helpful with any legal questions you may have at any point in the case. He is there for you when you need him either by phone, text or email. Mr Inniss had gone with me to the scene of the arrest so he could see what had happened. Originally I was facing a felony charge for a DWI and through his efforts he had it reduced to a misdemeanor with reduced probation time.
I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Hands down the best lawyer you could get. I cant say enough positive things about Mr Inniss.”– Michael Y.

“I really appreciate working with Mr. Inniss. He has a very keen understanding of the law and how it is applied. His clients report that he is sensitive to their concerns and that he is insightful .
In the world of Legal Services and substance-abuse assessment it is critically important to help our clients return to some sense of normalcy after receiving a DWI or a DWAID. Mr. Inniss provides the comfort of knowing that an acceptable solution is possible.”– Gay L.

“Attorney Randall Inniss was and invaluable resource. He was so very accessible. Easy to talk to. He was very patient with me and answered my questions and gave me objective counsel I know I could trust. I am so thankful.”– Grace D.

“Randall is a very great lawyer. I was lucky to find him through a friend and he helped me out on numerous occasions. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to DWI. A great person to have on your side. His knowledge from being a trooper makes him a powerful force in the courtroom! He was very great at explaining DWI cases in a manner that I would understand. Was there for me at every court case and every phone call. His pricing was very reasonable too. Will definitely keep coming back to him in the future. I would recommend him to anyone going through DWI OR DRUG POSSESSION CASES!”– Dronetex T.

“He took more time with me than any lawyer I’ve ever dealt with. He was extremely well versed and gave me a wealth of actionable advice.”– Michael V.

“When I was searching for a lawyer I knew from the first time we spoke that Mr Inniss was the lawyer for me. He took the time to explain everything to me in detail and put me at ease many times through my journey. He truly cares about you and your family. He always started our conversations off with “how are you and your family doing?” I would recommend him to anyone.”– Kelly B.

“I received Excellent service from this firm. The attorney was extremely knowledgeable and understanding of my situation. He provided great advice and gave me a sense of empowerment. He provided me with the necessary tools needed to move forward with my case. Mr Inniss was honest, supportive and empathetic with my case. I highly recommend Mr Inniss and his firm to anyone seeking legal, honest, thorough and professional services.”– Gloria K.

“This lawyer Mr. Inniss went above and beyond his duties.. He was having dinner with his wife and when my family called for his assistant he immediately made the great effort to make it to central booking as fast as he could mind u from upstate NY to the Bronx NY he truly deserves 10 stars for getting me relieved of a really bad situation I appreciate you …this lawyer gets the job done with excellent results… Again thank you Mr Inniss…”– Raymond C.

“Randall Inniss answered all my questions professionally and thoroughly. I found him to be very empathetic and down to earth relating to my concerns . I highly recommend him!”– Mikey

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