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New York DWI/DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a DWI? Arrested for a crime or a violation? Charged as a result of a traffic stop? Facing an arrest for possession of drugs? Marijuana? Prescription drugs? Controlled substances or narcotics? Serious charges involving cocaine, heroin, ecstasy or other drugs?

Facing a speeding ticket or other moving violation? Randall F. Inniss can help.

With over 20 years in law enforcement personally making DWI/DUI, drug (e.g., narcotics, controlled substances and prescriptions,) robbery a myriad of other arrests, my background assists in analyzing client’s cases from that added hands-on perspective most criminal defense attorneys have not experienced.” Almost 22 years worth of hands-on! As someone who became a lawyer while they were still on the streets as a police officer, that contemporaneous analysis of both the case cultivated and how to defend it was a honed skill (i.e., thinking as a defense attorney would). Think there is added insight and benefit … when a NY DUI attorney with such depth and insight of both sides handles your case? Yes!

Sometimes good people make mistakes. You may have made a mistake or could be totally innocent of the charge(s). Either way, you have the presumption of innocence. I will ensure the government respects that presumption, codified in the state and federal constitutions. Call for a complimentary consultation. Protect your rights! Your reputation! Your employment!

Get your strategy session today! Dial 845.533.0265. I personally handle each case and will tailor an approach based on the particular facts surrounding your incident. I factor your entire life circumstance in crafting a defense in consideration that each person’s situation is different. Your particular life-station is often a material consideration in resolving your matter. YOU DESERVE THIS LEVEL OF INDIVIDUALIZED PERSONAL ATTENTION!

Our Pledge

Experienced counsel with a unique, well-rounded perspective in DWI/DUI, criminal defense and traffic defense. As a former 20 year state trooper, I will aggressively defend your case with focus and particularity. Call for a complimentary consultation. It is my privilege to represent you and guide your case to a successful conclusion.